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7 Deadly Sins [Saturday] @ The Waldorf

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The Seven Deadly Sins are separate but equal cardinal ways to ruin one's life (and afterlife) but at this time of year, they're the watermark for late night hedonism provided by Intimate Productions. This upcoming Hallowe'en weekend, the legendary Waldorf hosts a multi-room affair, covering all the types of ways a person can get into trouble. Featuring an incredibly varied tapestry of Vancouver's expert showmen (and women), 7 Deadly Sins will be a two-day event that sets the watermark for showcasing what this city and this weekend can offer a clubgoer.

On Saturday, the 31st, the lineup is the most exciting, with the Tiki Bar's LUST featuring Nick Bike, Abasi, Bokeh, & Glyn; the main room's PRIDE showcasing Jon Lee, Matt Hudoli, Midnight Vulture, & Jesse Hills; the Hideaway's ENVY exhibiting Sam Demoe, Mateo, Jessica G & Juan Ton; and finally WRATH at Nonna's Table flaunting Perkulator, & Alex Mei.

For over, 10 years Intimate has presented multi-room parties on Hallowe'en with augmented sound, visuals, lighting, and exciting collaborations. Don't sleep on this multi-room event. In fact, considering it will two days long starting on FRIDAY, perhaps consider not sleeping at all.

LUST [Tiki Lounge] presented by PARADISE CITY

Nick Bike | Abasi | Bokeh | Glyn

PRIDE [Tabu]

Jon Lee | Matt Hudolin | Midnight Vulture | Jesse Hills

ENVY [Hideaway] presented by LET'S GO DANCING

Sam Demoe | Mateo | Jessica G | Juan Ton

WRATH [Nonna's]

Perkulator | Alex Mei


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