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3 Steps To Reduce Stress For A Happier & Healthier Life, with Lucas Mattiello

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Suite 210 – 1737 West 3rd Avenue

Stress in the workplace is becoming increasingly common and is leading Canadians to feel overwhelmed, lose productivity, and uncertain of how they can regain control.How many people actively use self-management techniques to reduce their stress levels? Unfortunately, not many as people often are not aware of how they can control their stress. This creates a stress spiral where your stress levels quickly accelerate until a point of anxiety, panic attacks, and fear can become your daily routine.

The good news is that you CAN empower yourself to take control of your stress by using simple, yet highly effective techniques to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

In this presentation you will discover:

• A technique called “The 4/7/8 Breathing Technique” that was discovered by a Harvard educated MD that has proven to relieve stress by timing your breathing when under pressure

• Night time routines that help you sleep better so you can shut down like a computer and feel rejuvenated in the mornings for maximum mental focus

• Morning time routines so you can jump out of bed every morning with energy and increase your daily willpower to get MORE done

• How to overcome the “H.A.L.T.” stress precursors (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) by being proactive and avoiding the 4 common causes of stress

• The “AAA Approach” (Alter, Accept, Avoid), a strategy to effectively deal with ANY stressful situation

• Why your choice at Starbucks could be having a significant impact on your stress levels and how make better decisions when ordering coffee

Tickets: $10 at the door
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About Lucas Mattiello

You wouldn’t expect someone diagnosed with Panic Disorder would become stress management trainer, but that’s exactly what Lucas Mattiello did. He uses his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years and experiences as a Certified Professional Coach to connect with clients. He educates audiences on the techniques, strategies, and lifestyle changes he used to propel his and his client’s lives to turnaround and thrive. Assisting business professionals to become empowered with stress management tools is Lucas’ passion. He is an internationally renowned trainer that has been featured in Forbes and numerous news shows. His corporate clients include: Vancouver Coastal Health, BC Oil & Gas Commission, and Cactus Club.