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Enplug Digital Signage

The #1 social media feed software

Enplug turns any TV into interactive digital signage

Tweets, Instagram photos, Yelp reviews, HD video, and more – Enplug makes it easy with our built-in apps. Simply select which apps you want, add your hashtags, then watch as content is beautifully streamed live onto any TV, jumbotron, or other display.

Interactive two-way media channels


Transforming traditional digital displays from one-way communication channels to interactive two-way media channels, Enplug allows viewers to post social media content onto the displays in realtime by hashtagging the business’s name.

Exponential Increase in Social Media

Businesses with Enplug displays experience an exponential increase in social media interaction, gaining more exposure for the brand. We are taking all of the good stuff about businesses online and showing it in the physical world.

Great for every type of business


Enplug is enjoyed by millions of people from around the world


Apps for Enplug

Enplug unlocks a world of real-time social media, weather, news, and stunning graphics. Make your TV work for you.

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500% Average Increase in Social Media

Increase sales

Enplug gives your customers a reason to share your business with their friends on social media. Businesses have seen profits increase by as much as $20,000 per week after using Enplug.

Get more positive reviews

Your customers are having a great time - give them a reason to share it on social networks like Yelp! Plus, you’ll always be able to approve what shows on your display.

Go viral

Your customers will love Enplug. Businesses see an increase of over 500% on average in their social media interactions after Enplug is activated. That means more sales for you.


Canadian Pricing:

  • Plug & Play device $100 one time
  • Software Subscription: $150/month for one year contract or $99/month for two year-contract

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