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Comment Policy

How do I comment on Buzz Connected Media Inc. and its subsidiaries (i.e.
To place a comment on the site all you need to do is fill in the comment form beneath the specific post to which you’d like to join the discussion. You don’t need to register or login but we ask that you include basic information like a username and email address. Including a link to your web site is optional.

Do I need to include my real name?
No, you can comment anonymously if you like. We don’t verify whether you enter valid details in the comment form. However, if there are any concerns or complaints about your comment we may be forced to remove it if we’re not able to contact you seeking clarification.

Can I use different names each time I comment?
Technically, yes. But we encourage you to always use the same name. We can monitor IP addresses and if we see a number of comments (particularly on the same post) coming from the same IP address but from different names this may be ground for removal if we determine a commenter is “pretending” to be a number of different people.

What can I do if I object to a comment on the site?
Since we don’t moderate comments, we encourage anyone to contact us if they have an issue with a comment.

Isn’t that censorship?
No. We have an open comment system because we aim to provide and promote an open channel for dialogue among readers of the site. Our intention is never to censor opinions. Commentary expressed in a civil manner will not be removed from the site.

Who can I contact if I have any questions, complaints or suspect comment abuse?
Please contact the editorial team at editors