1. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 1 day ago | Speak Up

    Have you seen the brightly coloured neon-pink windows at the corner of 12th & Main St and wondered, WTF is going on?!! Now is your chance to step inside KRIS […]

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  2. Vancouver Models

    Vancouver Models: Lyka Riese

    By Vancity Buzz Staff | 1 day ago | Speak Up

    Lyka is a fashion/glamour model from Vancouver. She has four different background (Spanish-Spain, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino). She has worked in music videos, TV series, jewelry + clothing lines.

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  3. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 1 week ago | Speak Up

    Every month, we’ve been checking in with our friend Colin Easton, creator of The Stranger Project 2014 for a review of his encounters with strangers throughout Vancouver.

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  4. Vancouverites

    Vancouver Models: Georgia Fletcher

    By Vancity Buzz Staff | 1 week ago | Speak Up

    Georgia is a Vancouver gal, born and raised. She is currently in school to become a Real Estate Agent, but still has the extra time to allot to the odd […]

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  5. Vancouver Models

    Vancouver Models: Sara Watt

    By Vancity Buzz Staff | 2 weeks ago | Speak Up

    Sara is an artist interested in diversifying conscious thought. Interested in the repressed and underbelly of culture, she practices decontextualizing popular notions of acceptance through performance and visual art.

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  6. Vancouver Models

    Vancouver Models: Vivienne Coffey

    By Vancity Buzz Staff | 3 weeks ago | Speak Up

    Vivienne is a vivacious enigma. Most days you’ll find her at the public library in the children’s department either creating beautiful artwork and slapping it up on the walls or […]

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  7. By Tiffany Kaczmarczyk | 4 weeks ago | Speak Up

    In case you’ve been busy with life and finding a soul mate, Episodes 2 and 3 of the web series “Single and Dating in Vancouver” have been released.

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  8. By Tiffany Kaczmarczyk | 4 weeks ago | Speak Up

    The Sons of Granville, the world’s first epic-folk-rock band, has instilled a deep appreciation of music as an art form through their passionate performances on Granville Street.

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