Health & Fitness

  1. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    Citizens across Vancouver will have the chance to offer ideas and feedback on how we can all work together to make our city a healthier place for everyone,

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  2. By Nicolle Hodges | 2 days ago | Speak Up

    We are all aware that phones and technology have changed our daily interactions and how we gather information. But now, chiropractors have noticed that phone usage is also changing how […]

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  3. By Connect the Doc | 4 days ago | Speak Up

    February 11, 2014 was a big day – and not just because it fell smack in the middle of the Sochi Olympics. It was because February 11 was also Budget […]

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  4. By Rebecca Coleman | 7 days ago | Speak Up

    I don’t know how dinner times are at your house, but at mine, things can be pretty chaotic. I have a 10-yr-old son, and in addition to running a business and […]

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  5. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 2 weeks ago | Speak Up

    On April 16 and 17, Willow Dental Care and clinics across the Lower Mainland will offer free oral cancer screenings to the public, waiving their standard fee for the […]

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  6. Health & Fitness

    Exercises for a firm butt

    By Manny Dhillon | 3 weeks ago | Speak Up

    A common theme in fitness, for years and years, has been the development of the butt. Women around the world, whether they are into fitness or not, strive to have […]

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  7. By Tiffany Kaczmarczyk | 3 weeks ago | Speak Up

    The chirping birds, the blooming flowers, and the cool breeze of Spring reminds you that it’s time for new beginnings. If the emotions evoked in the previous sentence don’t meld […]

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  8. Health & Fitness

    What is Asana practice?

    By Yoga On The Flow | 4 weeks ago | Speak Up

    I am always stating that Yoga Practice is much more than Asana, and that Asana is but one limb of the eight limbs of Yoga Practice.

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