1. By Corbet Rutzer | 11 months ago | Speak Up

    I just returned from the pinnacle of sporting awesomeness. An event so loud and epic that it almost caused Twitter to explode (thanks Richard Sherman) and still has my ears […]

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  2. By Rob Williams | 11 months ago | Speak Up

    As a Canucks fan, it can feel like the team I cheer for is cursed. As it turns out, the Canucks aren’t the only team in the Cascadia region that […]

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  3. By Jeremy Brand | 11 months ago | Speak Up

    The Seattle Seahawks have plenty of fans north of the border and some of them have just jumped on the bandwagon since they were one-step away from the Super Bowl.

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  4. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 1 year ago | Speak Up

    It was inevitable, and the time has finally come – BC Lions GM Wally Buono will be inducted into the 2014 Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

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  5. Football

    Do the Lion Shuffle

    By Ryan Lehal | 1 year ago | Speak Up

    With all the stoppages in between plays during a football game, players need to find different ways to keep loose and stay warm. The B.C. Lions defense got a little creative with their in-game routine. During a video review against Montreal

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  6. By Trevor Beggs | 1 year ago | Speak Up

    After losing two games in a row against the Calgary Stampeders dating back to the 2012 playoffs, the BC Lions were finally able to beat the Stamps on Saturday night.

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  7. By Ronil Desai | 1 year ago | Speak Up

    The sleek black jersey with a hint of orange lining isn’t the only exciting news coming from the BC Lions organization.The Lions next home game will offer those in attendance […]

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  8. By Trevor Beggs | 1 year ago | Speak Up

    For the second week in a row, the B.C. Lions were facing a quarterback making his first career start, although the result this time around was much more favourable.

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