Small Biz Profiles

  1. By Vancity Buzz | 1 month ago | Speak Up

    Guided by love and driven by passion, the award winning Sunflower Florist in Yaletown is a vibrant reminder that success can blossom anywhere.

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  2. By Sarah Gray | 3 months ago | Speak Up

    There’s a universal truth about motorbikes: they are badass. They might even trump the “I’m in a band” playing card.

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  3. By Darcy Wintonyk | 5 months ago | Speak Up

    A veteran Vancouver fashion and interior designer is setting her sights on four-legged style with her new of pet products.

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  4. Small Biz Profiles

    Women punch it out at Kix 4 Chix

    By Sarah Gray | 5 months ago | Speak Up

    Nicole Neuert, owner of Kix 4 Chix, tried various workouts and martial arts to let off steam, but it was kickboxing that clicked.

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  5. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 6 months ago | Speak Up

    With its launch in December 2013, Thii (pronounced t-e-a) is Canada’s newest fashion label based here in Vancouver.

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  6. By Angie Holubowich | 6 months ago | Speak Up

    The Strathcona neighbourhood, located within the boundaries of Clark Drive, Gore Avenue, Venables Street and Railway Street, is littered with markers that look like they were pulled from a giant version […]

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  7. By Darcy Wintonyk | 7 months ago | Speak Up

    Every so often my 16-pound terrier screams when he is afraid of a large dog. People don’t believe me until they hear it themselves. But it’s true.

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  8. By Nicolle Hodges | 7 months ago | Speak Up

    At first I thought I was lost. My GPS was telling me that the destination was on my right, and yet what I saw there was only a quaint home.

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