Small Biz Profiles

  1. By Nicolle Hodges | 2 days ago | Speak Up

    At first I thought I was lost. My GPS was telling me that the destination was on my right, and yet what I saw there was only a quaint home.

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  2. By Paul Davidescu | 5 days ago | Speak Up

    Small businesses and startups can never get enough help. With all the things that can happen in a short period of time, getting help from a friend or professional to […]

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  3. By Nicolle Hodges | 2 months ago | Speak Up

    What if you could ask Chris Hadfield how it felt to float in space, or talk to MTV host Lauren Toyota about what it takes to interview some of the […]

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  4. By Rebecca Coleman | 2 months ago | Speak Up

    There are two kinds of vacations in this world. There’s the kind where you have adventures and explore the place your are visiting, taking in the food, the culture, and […]

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  5. By Rebecca Coleman | 2 months ago | Speak Up

    Fiona Grieve is like a unicorn. In a town where every second person, it seems, works in the restaurant industry, she has become that rarest of all breeds: server-turned-restaraunt-owner.

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  6. By Nicolle Hodges | 3 months ago | Speak Up

    “Is it realistic to expect a company to lose money just to accommodate their ethics?”

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  7. By Rebecca Coleman | 3 months ago | Speak Up

    The restaurant at 1789 Comox St in Vancouver’s West End was a Vancouver institution for 25 years.

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  8. By Rebecca Coleman | 3 months ago | Speak Up

    It’s been open less than two weeks, and it’s already a hit.

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