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  1. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 2 days ago | Speak Up

    In part 2 of a series on affordability by the Urban Development Institute (read part 1), UDI discusses four zoning changes that could increase housing choice and diversity.

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  2. By Lindsay William-Ross | 1 week ago | Speak Up

    Forking over all that money to your landlord once a month can make the dream of home ownership seem more elusive payment by payment.

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  3. By Lindsay William-Ross | 2 weeks ago | Speak Up

    A recently-launched blog is shining a light on vacant homes in Vancouver, and is calling for civic action to put those properties to good use.

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  4. By Lindsay William-Ross | 2 weeks ago | Speak Up

    James Island is up for sale, and for $75 million you can go big and go home to your very own private island retreat.

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  5. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 3 weeks ago | Speak Up

    Mount Pleasant, like many other neighbourhoods in the city, is on the cusp of a major shift. With downtown Vancouver pretty much built out, the focus for future growth will […]

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  6. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 1 month ago | Speak Up

    A new survey by the federal government’s Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reveals that nearly one in five condominium owners in Vancouver and Toronto purchased another unit for investment purposes.

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  7. By Perry Cheung | 2 months ago | Speak Up

    A petition was filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on May 21, 2014 by the FCRA seeking the Court’s direction to rectify all activities inconsistent with the park-zoned […]

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  8. By Kenneth Chan | 2 months ago | Speak Up

    Are you tired with life in the busy city? Would you be willing to buy a one-acre private island with a house, guest house and pontoon boat?

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