1. By Vancity Buzz | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    Choosing a career that lets you to live comfortably can be challenging, but researching those careers should be easy.

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  2. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 17 hours ago | Speak Up

    Vancouver’s Bench announced today that they have closed a $7 million Series A round, bringing total funds raised for the three-year old company to $9.1 million.

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  3. Entrepreneurship

    Vancouver Entrepreneurs: Total Fitness

    By Casey Era | 17 hours ago | Speak Up

    We start off strong, committed and determined.  Two weeks in and we begin to justify skipping that workout and having an extra cheat meal.

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  4. By Kenneth Chan | 1 day ago | Speak Up

    The Mayors’ Council’s Better Transit & Transportation Coalition (BTTC) has launched its campaign website in an effort to convince Metro Vancouver residents to vote ‘Yes’ in this spring’s mail-in-ballot plebiscite.

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  5. By Kirsten Armour | 1 day ago | Speak Up

    It’s 2015 and the thought on everyone’s minds (at least those dominating the tech world) is what the year will bring us.

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  6. By Kenneth Chan | 1 day ago | Speak Up

    Montreal-based clothing retailer Le Château has reported consecutive widening losses in recent years, following the same trajectory that led to the recent demises of Boutique Jacob Inc., Dutch fashion house Mexx and the significantly larger Target Canada […]

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  7. By Perry Cheung | 2 days ago | Speak Up

    Design proposal along the Cambie Corridor will include an interesting laneway concept finished in wood frame construction designed to LEED Gold standards.

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  8. By Perry Cheung | 2 days ago | Speak Up

    Vancouver will always be an expensive place to live. However, with innovative planning and financing ideas, we can create more affordable housing choices throughout the region.

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