7 unusual Vancouver clubs where you can meet new people

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Vancouver is a notoriously hard place to meet new people, especially those with shared interests.

But don’t worry if hiking clubs and Meetup groups aren’t your bag. Here are seven unusual clubs where you can meet new people in Vancouver.

Vancouver Facial Hair Club

For those who love to grow facial hair or just admire it, this club aims to promote a positive image of facial fuzz. The group meets on the second and last Wednesday of the month at Lamplighter Pub.

Website: facebook.com/VancouverFacialHairClub

Vancouver Rabbit Agility Club

If you’re interested in training your rabbit for agility, this is the club for you. Your rabbit will learn how to run a course of jumps, tunnels, and walkways, and both of you will get in shape (you run alongside your furry friend).

Website: vancouverrabbitagilityclub.com

Vancouver Paranormal Society

A registered, non-profit society, members of the Vancouver Paranormal Society aim to get to the root of strange matters and understanding the pursuit of the paranormal. Spooky.

Website: vancouverparanormalsociety.net


Vanbrewers is a group of home beer brewing enthusiasts “dedicated to the education and advancement of homebrewing and beer appreciation.” New members are welcome, but memberships cost $20 a year, and meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month.

Website: vanbrewers.wildapricot.org

Vancouver Shogi Club

Learn how to master the art of Japanese chess at the Vancouver Shogi Club. Everyone is welcome and the pros are willing to teach the novices.

Website: shogivancouver.wordpress.com

Vancouver Robotics Club

Do you love to build robots? Then the Vancouver Robotics Club is probably your bag. The beginning of each meeting is a show-and-tell of each member’s current robot or electronics project. The next meeting is happening June 12.

Website: vancouverroboticsclub.org

Vancouver Postcard Club

Postcard collectors, unite. This non-profit club has been around since 1980 and has more than 100 members who meet on the second Sunday of the month. Postcard sales, dealers, and guests are all welcome.

Website: vancouverpostcardclub.ca

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