Post-it Note wars come to Vancouver


If you’ve spotted a giant Post-it Note mural depicting Super Mario Bros. characters while walking the streets of downtown, you’re probably wondering: what’s the deal?

Well, it’s the start of a war.

Vancouver-based Blink ad agency was inspired by the #CanalNotes, a Post-it Note art battle that has taken over the internet since it was started by ad agencies on Canal Street in New York City. It all started with a simple “hi” and evolved from there.

Messages from the other side #Hi #postitwars #canalnotes

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Now Blink is challenging other Vancouver agencies to take part in what’s quickly becoming a phenomenon among ad agencies around the world. “We just saw some of the fantastic things the New York agencies were doing and, of course, we like to be creative, so we just thought it would be a fun thing to participate in,” Kristina Stoyanova with Blink tells Vancity Buzz. Each character – Mario, Yoshi, and Ghost, took three hours each to construct, she says.

Image: Blink

Image: Blink

Image: Blink

Image: Blink

Image: Blink

Image: Blink

Since Blink sent the challenge out on Twitter, Gastown-based Popcorn agency has responded, and they’re currently constructing their own Post-it Note mural.

Blink is aiming to make #YVRnotes a trending hashtag in the city.

Here are some examples of the #CanalNotes that started it all:

To catch a glimpse in person, pop by Blink’s office at 420 West Hastings Street, and keep your eyes peeled for other #YVRnotes popping up around Vancouver.

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