Netflix saved you from a week's worth of commercials this year

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Good news. It turns out that those Netflix binge-watching sessions that you thought were taking over your life could actually be saving you time. In fact by switching to streaming you could be eliminating up to a week’s worth of commercials from your existence.

A new not-so-scientific study from says that, based on average Netflix viewership, the number of subscribers, and the fact that the average hour-long cable TV program has 15 minutes of commercials; they can surmise that viewers are spared 160 hours worth of ads per year.

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So, if you thought binge-watching an entire season of House of Cards was something to feel guilty about, don’t fret – you’re actually ‘saving’ valuable seconds, minutes, hours, even days from the marketing machine.

To be fair, though, that time is just being replaced by extra show content. But at least you don’t have to watch another infomercial about an extendable mop anytime soon. Watching TV with commercials is so 2003, isn’t it?

For more details on how made their calculations, read their full post here.

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