"We made a mistake": Earls Restaurant to go back to Canadian beef

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After Earls Restaurant received backlash for moving to an American beef source, the company has said they will return to using Alberta beef.

“We made a mistake when we moved away from Canadian beef,” Earls president Mo Jessa says in a release. “We want to make this right. We want Canadian beef back on our menus so we are going to work with local ranchers to build our supply of Alberta beef that meets our criteria.”

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The restaurant chain, which has 66 locations across North America, said in late April that they would be getting Certified Humane beef only from pastures designed by animal advocate Dr. Temple Grandin.

Many Canadians took to social media to air their grievances with the company’s switch to American beef, even implying the restaurant thought Canadian beef was inherently inhumane. Many others called for boycotts.

“We have deep roots in Alberta. We started in Edmonton and have many operations and employees here. Alberta has supported us. We need to support Alberta, especially in tough times. We moved to a U.S. supplier as we thought they could supply all of our needs. It was a mistake not to include Canadian beef,” says Jessa.

Jessa says in a video posted to YouTube that Earls will be making it a “priority” to get Alberta beef back on the plates of Canadians.

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