Video of Airbus A380 aborting landing at Vancouver International Airport goes viral

Image: AvgeekYVR / YouTube screenshot

Video posted onto YouTube by local aviation enthusiast Andrew Michael Novo shows a British Airways Airbus A380 aircraft aborting its landing at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) last week.

Flying in from the west, the aircraft nearly made a touchdown on the North Runway, coming within 15 feet of making contact, but the pilots decided to give it a second attempt. It appears the aircraft flared a little too early, which caused it to catch some ground effect.

The aircraft’s engines can be heard accelerating before it begins hovering over the runway. A successful landing was recorded in the second attempt after the plane performed a go-around.

British Airways began operating its daily Vancouver to London Heathrow route with the world’s largest passenger aircraft earlier this month. The airline has a fleet of 12 A380 aircraft.

There is little room for error for such a big and heavy aircraft, especially on a runway that only meets minimal length specifications for the size of the aircraft. Here is a compilation of rough or aborted A380 landings around the world:

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