Vancouver Neighbours: Lindsay McKay

Image: Matt Chen Photography

Neighbours is an exclusive Vancity Buzz feature in collaboration with award-winning photographer, Matthew Chen, celebrating the diverse individuals that make up our community, one story at a time.

Meet Lindsay McKay, a digital marketing and advertising expert, public speaker, and the CEO of Massive Media Agency.

Image: Matt Chen Photography

Image: Matt Chen Photography

“Whenever I’m at a junction where I have to deal with a difficult personality or someone who is angry, I muster up what I like to call a ‘care bear stare’. I imagine what I would do for that person from a place of love and I react to the situation from that place. The outcome is incredible when you approach people with love and compassion.”

Image: Matt Chen Photography

Image: Matt Chen Photography

“We are on a superhighway into a new era of humanity where machines and people will work more closely than ever before. I don’t think many people realize how drastically this is going re-shape the planet and our current systems. In the next 20 years humanity is going to have to reinvent itself in order to survive and thrive. I feel lucky to be alive during this transformative time in history.”

Follow Lindsay on Twitter and Instagram at @TechLinz.

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