5 great hikes for families to try in Metro Vancouver


If you’re looking for a fun way to get your family moving, hiking is a healthy activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you want to take in B.C.’s beautiful scenery, get some exercise, or share some quality time together; hiking is a fantastic idea for a family day out.

Not sure where to begin? Try one of these five great hikes which are perfect for families.

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse parkLighthouse park is one of our family faves! The trails are easy, with stunning views of Howe Sound and the Burrard Inlet. Getting to the historical lighthouse only takes about 20 minutes on a straight, wide trail. From the lighthouse you can follow another trail which takes you to the beach. There are lots of trail options in Lighthouse Park with picturesque views.

Shoreline Trail

Image: Vancouvertrails.com

Image: Vancouvertrails.com

The Shoreline Trail in Port Moody is a very easy walk for children under 5. The trail begins at Rocky Point Park and loops around to Old Orchard Park with gorgeous views of the Burrard Inlet. Both parks have picnic areas, and playgrounds. At the end of the hike, the kids can get ice cream or fish and chips back at Rocky Point Park.

Deep Cove / Quarry Rock

Deep Cove Lookout/Scapevision, Flickr

Deep Cove Lookout/Scapevision, Flickr

A favourite of local hikers, Quarry Rock offers amazing views of Indian Arm, and Belcarra. The Deep Cove Lookout trail is located in the quaint little town Deep Cove, and the view from the top is simply stunning.

At first glance this trail may not seem family friendly, but it is. In fact, our family has done it more than a handful of times, and the first time we did it our youngest was 2! The Deep Cove lookout trail crosses bridges, has a few stairs, and the incline isn’t too steep. The walk is gradual, going on an incline for the first few kilometres and then it becomes quite easy and relaxing. Bring your entire family, including your dog.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park 

pacific spirit park

Image: Vancouvertrails.com

Choose your own path at Pacific Spirit Regional Park. The park is located just next to the University of British Columbia, and it is very family friendly. Plenty of washrooms, free parking, different trails and huckleberries make this hike an easy one to explore with your family.

Lynn Canyon 

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge/Shutterstock

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge/Shutterstock

There are a variety of family-friendly trails in Lynn Canyon which snake their way around the area’s beautiful waterfalls, and creeks. Lynn Canyon is also home to a suspension bridge, free to the public. Finish your leisurely family walk, or moderate climb-at their cafe, and don’t forget to visit Lynn Canyon’s educational Ecology Centre too.

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