Man takes 9 metre plunge while climbing the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (VIDEO)

Screenshot / YouTube

A Vancouver man claims he walked away from a nine metre plunge injured, but alive while attempting to illegally free climb to the top of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

In a video posted to YouTube, the man – known online as Epinerein – says that he spent nine hours exploring ways to reach the top of the iconic hotel before he and his partner, Kalen, managed to find a spot with cables they could climb.

Image: William Selviz

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By then however, exhaustion had set in. The pair hadn’t slept for 24 hours but decided to proceed with the plan anyway, according to annotations in the video. Thanks to the footage, which was captured via a camera mounted on his helmet, viewers get a terrifying perspective of the attempt to scale the side of the iconic Vancouver building.

Climbing, climbing…

Image: Screenshot / YouTube

Image: Screenshot / YouTube

…and then he looks down.

Image: Screenshot / YouTube

Image: Screenshot / YouTube

On his way up to the top, the man tried to rest on a ledge before going into total panic mode as his strength continued to weaken, the video says. As he tried to scale back down, he lost his grip and plunged nine metres to the concrete below.

Image: Screenshot / YouTube

Image: Screenshot / YouTube

In the video’s description says that he ended up breaking his right arm and left shoulder, as well as suffering some “minor spinal injuries,” as a result of the fall.

While the man mentions at the end of the video that he’s back in the climbing game, he makes a note of discouraging people from getting into dangerous situations like this one.

“If you’re going to do this, you should really assess your reasons. Risking your life for fame or adrenaline rush is just shallow. But there are no right or wrong reasons. It is for you to decide. If you want to sacrifice your freedom or life to create an art for the humanity, then so be it,” reads the video description.

Watch the frightening video below. Warning: contains NSFW language.

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