The rumour debunked: web developers don't need a degree after all

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It’s always nice to have a degree on your resume, but the truth is that web developers don’t usually need one.

Having a degree may help enter into some organizations looking for strict and specific requirements, but this isn’t the case with many agencies, startups, and large companies like Google.

Image: RED Academy

Image: RED Academy

A traditional university degree includes a lot of theoretical knowledge and very little practical experience, which can make it hard to enter a rapidly changing industry like tech.

With more than 1,133 open web developer jobs in Vancouver, there’s a huge talent shortage in the city, and a practically-focussed course from RED Academy can help you to fill it.

Image: RED Academy

Image: RED Academy

Now you can get the hands on experience needed to be a web developer at RED Academy’s Web Development Professional ProgramThe 12-week, full-time curriculum offers students the ability to gain industry experience by connecting them with projects from real world clients.

RED Academy instructors minimize lecture time to maximize project time so students can implement their learning every day. The 12-week program provides students with the skills and tools necessary to become a Junior Web Developer. This immersive program graduates industry-ready developers in less than three months.

Image: RED Academy

Image: RED Academy

If you think you’re interested in computer science, the 12-week course is a great way to find out. Students will learn various topics including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Git, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery, Gulp, Angular, and React.

As demand changes quickly in the tech industry, RED Academy works with an extensive partner network to review curriculum and ensure that each lesson is up to date and relevant to the industry. Upon graduation, students have the skills to quickly enter the job market.

With just a few spots left, the next RED programs start April 11. If you’re interested in finding out more then check out RED Academy’s Spring Sampler, a collection of free sample workshops in web development, user experience design, or digital marketing from March 29 to April 1.

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