Second-hand economy on the rise in Vancouver

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Thrifters represent: nearly 85% of Canadians engaged in a second-hand transaction last year, according to the Kijiji Second Hand Economy Index.

The index tracks the state of Canada’s second-hand market based on giving objects a “second life” through swaps, rentals, donations, online purchases, or in-person purchase. This year marked a 1-point increase from last year’s index, which – while small – actually accounted for 24.9 million more objects than last year, for a total of 1.85 billion objects.

While British Columbia ranked third in index behind the Prairies (Saskatchewan and Manitoba), and Alberta, the City of Vancouver ranked highest among all major Canadian cities with an “intensity index” of 79.7. On average, Vancouverites gave a second life to 80 objects each, just ahead of Edmontonians at 79 objects, while taking in an average of 42 second hand items each.

For more information, and to read the full report, visit Kijiji’s Second Hand Economy website.

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