Another honest North Vancouver resident hands in lost cash

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Another week, another example of honesty from North Vancouver where the RCMP are hoping to find the owner of a “significant” amount of cash that was lost in the city.

A good samaritan was walking down the street in a busy business-oriented area of North Vancouver on Tuesday when he stumbled across the stack of cash. The man thought it was a prank at first, considering how much money was there, but he soon realized it was real.

Canadian Money / Shutterstock

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He turned it in to the RCMP, and now police are searching for the rightful owner.

Once again it is reassuring to know that when faced with a moral decision people will do the right thing, says Corporal Richard De Jong. The rightful owner can come to our Detachment, with all the pertinent details of their loss, and the police will return the money to them.

De Jong is hesitant to assign a dollar amount to the lost cash, fearing people will try to fraudulently claim it, but he said the person who lost it will know it’s theirs.

This comes on the heels of another report of a good samaritan who found $200 in an ATM on March 4 who chose to turn it into the bank.

So that begs the question: would you turn in a significant amount of money? Are suburbanites just better people than us?

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