Why your man-bun could make you a pro athlete

Jack Greystone and his man-bun (Jack Greystone/YouTube)

Man-bun men of Vancouver – we finally understand your pain. All thanks to a new video by Jack Greystone about his struggle to maintain his own man-bun-tastic hairstyle.

“Would you say I’m a professional athlete kind of? Yeah I think I would,” says the Canadian hair icon on YouTube.

As dramatic music plays, Greystone shows us the hard graft he puts into his athletic endeavours – lengthy conditioning, precision cutting and oh-so-slow-motion blow drying.

“Farmers grow crops. I grow hair. Would I say that I work harder than a farmer? Absolutely,” says Greystone.

Needless to say, just like the men of Vancouver, Greystone’s man bun has taken him places he never would have dreamed of.

“Long time ago – no bun, no friends. And now – bun, half a quarter of a million followers.”

So – apart from his newfound popularity – what keeps him going on this quest for greatness?

“Just as the fight becomes almost unbearable, I think about the first women who wore pants,” says Greystone.

“And I find the strength the keep fighting like they did, for the day when people stopped calling them lady pants – and just started calling them… pants.”

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