Can you tell the difference between cherry blossoms and plum blossoms?

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Spring is a beautiful time in Vancouver. Gardens across the city bloom, and the streets are lined with beautiful cherry trees. But are they really cherry trees?

When it comes to celebrating the city’s many cherry blossoms, it can be easy to forget the similarities struck by the equally beautiful plum tree. The fine folks at the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival are taking the time to remind Vancouverites of the difference.


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While they might seem nearly identical, small things such as leaf shape, bud shape, and even the smell can help you find out which kind of blossom you’re admiring.

For more information on the differences, as well as information on the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, visit their website.

How to recognize a cherry tree:

  • Not fragrant
  • Leaves have split at the top
  • Oval shaped buds with more than one flower
  • Pale bark with horizontal black stripes
  • Green leaves that sprout after blossoms

How to recognize a plum tree:

  • Very fragrant
  • Round buds with singular flower
  • Smooth, oval shaped leaves
  • Grey bark on trunk
  • Purple or green leaves that sprout during bloom

Image: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Image: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

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