Antisocial Media at Hot Art Wet City

Hot Art Wet City

Explore love, addiction, and stupidity’s role in the transitional points in our lives with “Antisocial Media,” a new art exhibit at Hot Art Wet City.

Collecting the works of Canadian artists i♥️, eafo and, The Grominator, “Antisocial Media” examines a specific point in each artist’s life, and how it made them who they are. A wide variety of styles and mediums will be on display, containing similar messages in very dissimilar forms.

Join Vancouver’s art community for an opening reception Thursday, March 4, and get a closer look at the work of artists who, in many cases, are unable to attach their real names to their work for fear of legal recriminations.

Antisocial Media Opening Reception

When: Thursday, March 4

Time: 7 to 11 p.m.

Where: Hot Art Wet City – 2206 Main Street, Vancouver

Price: Free

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