A one-of-a-kind St. Patrick's Day celebration at The Keltic Landing

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Explore the magic and mystery of Celtic & Gaelic culture this St. Patrick’s Day at The Keltic Landing.

Hosted by The Social Concierge and Wet Ape Productions, The Keltic Landing transforms Imperial Vancouver into a Celtic paradise, exploring Irish and Scottish traditions for a two night celebration.

First, visit The Emerald Shores, holding a delicious banquet style dinner from Vancouver’s Savoury Chef before grabbing an ale or cider in The Grove, while Pictish warriors paint faces with symbols of power and fairies crown you with wreaths of flowers.

In The Lowlands fiddles and bagpipes surround the great hall, and the Master of the Revels leads an evening of electric Celtic dance and song. To end the night off, visit The Highlands Tasting Den for a dram of Irish Whiskey or Scots Whisky. Or, if the mood strikes, a little of both.

Tickets are $35 per person, or $55 for both nights and include two Keltic Coins each evening (purchasers will receive four if buying The Full Landing pass) for use in the Highlands Tasting Den. Group rates are available. For more information visit the Keltic Landing website.

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The Keltic Landing

When: Thursday, March 17 and Friday, March 18

Time: 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Where: Imperial – 319 Main Street, Vancouver

Price: $35 per person, $55 for both nights

Vancity Buzz is a proud sponsor of The Keltic Landing

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