3 jobs you can land with a carpentry ticket


We all know that a carpenter works with wood and other materials to make or repair different structures. This seems straightforward, but there are actually a lot of different career opportunities for people who get their carpentry ticket.

If you’re thinking about becoming a carpenter—whether you’re just starting out in your career or are changing career paths—check out WorkBC’s Blueprint Builder for more resources. Depending on your circumstances, you may also be eligible for the B.C. Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities, which helps with the cost of tools and relocation.

Construction manager

Image: Goodluz / Shutterstock

Image: Goodluz / Shutterstock

Construction managers supervise and oversee construction jobs. These can be something as small as a minor house renovation to something as big as building a hospital. Construction managers may be self-employed or may work for a construction company. Educational requirements vary based on the size and scope of the job – someone overseeing a kitchen remodel would need different training than someone who oversees the construction of a school, for example. But a carpentry certificate is a start and could qualify you to manage smaller-scale jobs.

Construction inspector

Image: ndoeljindoel / Shutterstock

Image: ndoeljindoel / Shutterstock

Construction inspectors inspect any type of construction work to ensure it’s been done properly and the fixtures are stable. They work on a wide range of fixtures, including buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels to ensure everything is up to code. Many people who become inspectors start out in the construction industry, so if you already have related experience, construction inspection might be a logical next step. Inspectors can specialize in a certain type of construction, such as residential construction, or they may generalize.

Home building and renovation manager

Image: Rido / Shutterstock

Image: Rido / Shutterstock

Similar to construction managers, home building and renovation managers oversee the building or renovation of residential homes. They might own and operate their own business or work for a construction company. Typically, they plan, organize and control the activities involved in building and renovating homes, including consulting with customers and contractors, employing and supervising subcontractors and performing carpentry or other work. A carpentry certificate can help a person get started in this career, although experience in home construction is also important.

Carpentry is an amazing career that can lead to a variety of other fantastic opportunities. Whether your dream is to be a carpenter or to move into management or supervisory roles, getting your carpentry ticket is a great way to get started. Visit the Blueprint Builder for more information on carpentry and check out the BC Access Grant for Labour Market Priorities to see if you’re eligible for funding.

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