Want to win $1 billion? Canadians can buy tickets for this weekend’s massive U.S. Powerball jackpot

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Canadians are now able to purchase tickets for this weekend’s U.S. Powerball $1 billion CAD jackpot, the largest lottery draw in history.

“Thousands upon thousands of Canadians are buying tickets online for the biggest lottery jackpot draw in world history,” said TheLotter.com in a news release. The jackpot is worth $800 million USD, translated to just over $1.1 billion with today’s exchange rate.

Canadians used to have to visit a U.S. state to purchase a ticket for an American lottery, but can now buy online through websites like TheLotter.com

Potential winners must match all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball. The prize can be either paid out over 29 years or as a cash lump sum. If you match five white balls in any order, without the red Powerball, you will still walk away with $1,000,000 paid in cash. Tickets are only $2 USD each ($2.83 CAD).

Powerball says the overall odds of winning a prize are one in 25.

But the one caveat, the tax on earnings, will set any Canadian winner back – non-U.S. residents will be charged 30% tax on the gross winnings.

Powerball tickets can be purchased until 7 p.m. PST on Saturday, January 9.

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