Vancouver Police Department to install cameras in wagons

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The Vancouver Police Department unanimously passed a motion at a board meeting on Thursday to install cameras in all of their wagons.

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It was recommended the VPD to install cameras into the back of the wagons by a jury from the coroner’s inquest following the death of two people while they were being transported by police.

Other recommendations that were made include CPR training and recording information for at-risk people.

Constable Brian Montague told Vancity Buzz in an email they can’t provide a specific date for when this will occur, as there are many factors to consider.

“The implementation of cameras is not as simple as sticking a go-pro in the back of the wagon,” said Montague.

“There are still hurdles to overcome with installing cameras such as determining how the cameras are monitored, how information is downloaded, how to deal with storage of the hundreds of thousands of hours in footage that would be recorded, how and who can access the video and policies and procedures for the use of video if it is needed by police for evidence of an offence committed by the prisoner being transported.”

He adds the cameras will be installed as the old wagons are replaced.

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