Vancouver cat café has reopened with new kitties

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Cat loving Vancouverites can breathe a sigh of relief: Catfé has reopened.


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The iconic cat café – where you can snuggle an adoptable kitty while sipping a beverage – shut its doors recently because all the cats found forever homes. Severe winter weather prevented a new shipment of cats from arriving from B.C.’s north, so owner Michelle Furbacher had to close up shop temporarily.

Furbacher told Vancity Buzz she received six new cats from the BC SPCA on January 7, allowing her to open shop again. She expects two more to come late Friday afternoon.

She said she’s meeting with the SPCA to make sure the flow of adoptable cats is constant so she won’t have to close again.

So who are these mysterious kitties? Here’s a small sampling of the new arrivals.

Miss Kissy

Image: Catfé

Image: Catfé

Miss Kissy is described on the Catfé website as being gentle and sweet. She’s two years old, is shy but curious, and opens up to people if you give her space. As you might have gleaned from the picture, she’s a fan of cardboard boxes.


Image: Catfé

Image: Catfé

Unable to care for him any longer, Leo’s family gave him up for adoption. Leo is incredibly vocal, friendly and laid back, and clean. He’s also not a fan of other cats, so a single kitty home is ideal for this feline. Oddly, though, he’s good with dogs.


Image: Catfé

Image: Catfé

Baby is friendly and affectionate. She loves to sit in your lap and purr away and shows affection through arm and hand licks. She’s sensitive, however – she needs a quiet home, as she startles easily.


Image: Catfé

Image: Catfé

Bones has been living in a senior’s home for the past several years, so she likes peace and quiet. She’s very affectionate and has lots of love to give. She’s good around visiting children, but might not enjoy the fast pace of the busy lives of children.

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