Justin Trudeau separates himself from Harper during speech in Davos

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a speech at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, posing Canada as a great investment opportunity, while distancing the country from Stephen Harper.

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Trudeau said the world is on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution, and that growing the middle class will help to further rapid technological advancements.

“We need to trust citizens. We need to give people the tools and the ability to help them succeed,” said Trudeau.

“The fourth industrial revolution will not be successful unless it creates real opportunities for the billions who weren’t able to join us here this week.”

Trudeau pointed to the Silicon Valley as an example of how diversity is one of the major factors for creativity and ingenuity. He then cited how the president of a major Silicon Valley startup pointed to the University of Waterloo as a hub of diversity.

“Diversity is its indispensable ingredient. Waterloo’s students come from everywhere. Fully half of the engineering graduates are international students,” said Trudeau.

He mentioned the October 19 federal election, saying it’s proof that people can respond to a positive, inclusive vision of society. Harper often used the World Economic Forum as an opportunity to discuss the country’s resources.

“My predecessor wanted you to know Canada for its resources. Well, I want you to know Canadians for our resourcefulness,” he said.

Just today, it was announced at the World Economic Forum that Canada ranks number two globally on the inaugural best countries list for 2016. The country also ranked first for quality of life and second for citizenship.

To watch Trudeau’s full speech, click here.

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