$1.00/Litre or less: Where to get cheap gas in Metro Vancouver today

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Gas prices are dipping below $1.00/L in several municipalities across Metro Vancouver on Monday.

The price of gas has been steadily dropping in the region since the beginning of January, coming down from over $1.20/L at the beginning of the month to an average of $1.03/L this weekend. The trend mirrors last January’s prices when the pump price fell to an average of $0.99/L.

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But not everywhere in Metro Vancouver is being graced by record-low gas prices this morning. A few select spots in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey, and nearby neighbours are the best bets for cheap gas so far.

If you’re running on empty, here are the locations where you’ll snag a litre of gas for $1.00 or less.

*As of: 2:30 p.m., Monday, January 25. This list will be updated throughout the day.

Port Coquitlam

97.9 – Costco, 2370 Ottawa Street & Nicola Avenue

99.9 – 2649 Lougheed Highway & Raleigh Street

100.9 – Chevron, 2705 Lougheed Highway & Lancaster Street

100.9 – Chevron, 2525 Shaughnessy Street & Wilson Avenue

100.9 – Esso, 2090 Lougheed Highway near Oxford Connector


99.9 – Superstore, 3000 Lougheed Highway & Westwood Street

99.9 – Super Save, 1024 Westwood Street & Christmas Way

100.9 – Shell, 3051 Lougheed Highway & Westwood Street

100.9 – Esso, 1130 Johnson Street near Barnet Highway

100.9 – Chevron, 945 Brunette Avenue & Allard Street


98.4 – Costco, 20499 64 Avenue & 204 Street

100.5 – Chevron, 20522 88 Avenue near 204 Street

100.9 – Super Save, 20966 56 Avenue & Langley Bypass

100.9 – Esso, 6036 Glover Raod & Langley Bypass

100.9 – Esso, 21612 Fraser Highway & 216th Street

100.9 – Safeway, 20871 Fraser Highway near 209th Street


100.9 – Tempo, 3855 Douglas Road & Canada Way

100.9 – Super Save, 6591 Kingsway & Arcola Street


100.9 – Your Independent Grocer, 18699 Fraser Highway & 188 Street

As always, Abbotsford is home to the cheapest gas in the region with prices reported in the last 24 hours as low as 86.9/L.

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