15 funny tweets from last night's 4.3 earthquake felt in Vancouver

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Did you survive the 4.3 magnitude earthquake (downgraded from 4.9) that shook up the Vancouver and Victoria area late Tuesday night?

While earthquakes are a serious issue, and last night’s shake up a wake up call to Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island residents to make sure they have an emergency plan in place, fortunately there were no injuries or reported damage from the minor tremor.

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So many Vancouverites reached for their smartphones and took the opportunity to be, well, smartasses about the not-so-big one. So here are some of the funny tweets we found from last night’s earthquake, that cover the bases from indigestion to earth movin’ love makin’ to NHL quips, memes, and beyond. And when you’re done chuckling, make sure you get that earthquake kit ready.

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