Watch us be Starbucks baristas for a day (VIDEO)

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Sure, you probably know what’s in your favourite Starbucks holiday drink, but do you know how to make it? This year, Starbucks debuted a special Holiday Spice Flat White, which melds merry and bright sugar and spice blend with two ristretto shots of their Christmas Blend Espresso Roast, and micro-foam, and there’s definitely an art to making the drink.

Image: Farhan Mohamed / Vancity Buzz

Image: Farhan Mohamed / Vancity Buzz

To get us into the holiday spirit, our Editor-in-Chief, Farhan Mohamed, and I got to hop behind the counter at a downtown Vancouver Starbucks to learn how to make the Holiday Flat White. Did we master the skills needed to get that signature foamy white dot? Watch and find out!

Vancity Buzz takes on Starbucks barista-ingWhat’s it like to put on a green apron and become a Starbucks barista? Our Editor-in-Chief Farhan Mohamed and Senior Editor Lindsay William-Ross went behind the bar to make the Holiday Spice Flat White.. and other drinks.

Posted by Vancity Buzz on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In case the video doesn’t load, watch it on YouTube.

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