Hot Chip Vancouver 2015 live at Fortune Sound Club

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British electronic band Hot Chip come to Fortune Sound Club Tuesday, December 29 for a live DJ set.

Formed in 2000 by a collection of innovative and vibrant electronic artists, the group has since released six studio albums. They were nominated in 2009 for a Grammy in Best Dance Recording for their single “Ready for the Floor,” and have played shows all over the world for sold out crowds.

Their most recent album Why Make Sense? was released in 2015, and has gaining quite a bit of acclaims both online and from critics.

“When we were recording, we were getting closer and closer to the sound we make on stage,” said Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard in a press release. “That kind of freedom makes a massive difference to a few of the tracks on the album; to how the tracks grow. Our recording process has been slightly anachronistic. It’s kind of perverse. I guess a lot of the records that were an influence on the record were made in that way – with engineers and people that knew their craft. I guess I feel that that’s something that’s often missing from a lot of very modern records made on laptops in bedrooms.”

Tickets are available now through BP Live.

Hot Chip Vancouver 2015

When: Tuesday, December 29

Time: 8 p.m.

Where: Fortune Sound Club – 147 East Pender Street, Vancouver

Price: $18

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