Christmas tree by bicycle: A not-so-uncommon tradition

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In November of 2014, we became the proud owners of our very own cargo bike. After doing a few grocery runs, we decided the best way to truly break in our new “family station-wagon” would be to use it to pick up our Christmas tree. And with that, we had begun a new family tradition.

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While it seemed like a relatively easy decision for us, we were curious how many others out there would be willing to leave the car at home and pick up their own tree by bike. We figured we’d get a couple dozen or so responses from fellow cargo bike owners, noteworthy but not unexpected.

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To our immense surprise, once we put a call out for pictures of people hauling trees by bike, we were inundated with photos of people from all over the globe – the furthest coming from Atyrau, Kazakhstan – each with their own unique way of carrying their trees and sharing their own traditions.

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We could have never anticipated the response, and were so gracious to the many that shared their holiday stories. We were reminded how large the online cycling community is, and how much we all have in common. It left us feeling hopeful that this group of dedicated riders was making a lasting impression of positivity with anyone who saw the photos – or at least a little chuckle at our inventiveness.

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Skip ahead to today, and here we are again, making the dedicated trip by cargo bike to pick up the family tree. Sure, going by bike does mean our kids don’t get to traipse through the woods to select the perfect tree, cut it down, and haul it back out of the woods as we did when we were younger. But we like to think the kids get just as much thrill selecting the type of tree, with the best top branches to hold our coveted snowflake tree topper, and act as the entourage, flanking the tree as we ride the streets of East Vancouver to bring it home.

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It also allows us to make a trip to our local nursery, Figaro’s Garden*, who have the friendliest staff and are always eager to explain to the kids how to care for the plants we have purchased there over the years. We are big proponents of trying to support local businesses, and with Figaro’s being just up the road from us, it’s an easy decision to make. Not to mention, they have some absolutely exquisite glass ornaments, some of which have made it onto our tree and that of our families back in Ontario.

*Pick up your tree at Figaro’s Garden by bicycle this year and receive 10% off your tree. Just mention you saw this story.

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Our tree, a Grand Fir, for those curious, is now happily trimmed and lighting up our living room in anticipation of Santa. It’s also stands as a reminder of this fun little tradition that all began with finding a new way to do something we used to do by car. Last year, we realized just how commonplace a bicycle Christmas is, but we’re happy to be amongst this practical, and a little bit whimsical, group of people!

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Did you pick up your Christmas tree by bicycle this year? If so, share an image with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or e-mail. We’ll add it to our crowdsourced photo gallery, and perhaps feature it in a future Vancity Buzz post! Last year we received 148 submissions. Let’s see if we can double that in 2015!

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