VCB Hockey Podcast: The Omarcanuck Show - feat. Al Strachan (formerly of HNIC)


Many of you will remember Al Strachan from his work on Hockey Night In Canada, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun.

Not long ago, before all NHL news was broken on Twitter, HNIC’s Satellite Hotstove was must-see T.V. for any big hockey fan.

I was lucky enough to have Strachan on my podcast this week. If you want to listen in on our conversation you might find it entertaining.

We touched on the following topics:

  • Strachan’s take on the effect Twitter has had on the news.
  • The turf war between on-ice NHL officials and the war room.
  • How one current NHL owner disliked fighting so much, he wanted every player who got in a fight to take an anger management course as well as get a penalty.
  • The reason he loves Bruce Arthur so much on Twitter (N.B. he doesn’t really love him)
  • Strachan’s thoughts on the Maple Leafs right now, and their hiring of Lou Lamoriello as G.M.
  • Strachan’s feelings on how Trevor Linden and Jim Benning will do in Vancouver.


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