ON YOGURT: "Ice Fried" yogurt shop opening soon


Vancouver’s constantly evolving dessert scene is about to gain a new addition. ON YOGURT, located at 95 Smithe Street, just by B.C. Place, will open up its doors later this fall.

The 943-square-foot space will house 15 seats inside and offer local, organic yogurt with different toppings, including fresh fruits, fruit jam, tapioca pearls, nuts, jellies, and more.

The shop front will also provide some yogurt-based drinks and desserts, including a varied selection of yogurt smoothies.

Mary Hou, the owner of ON YOGURT told Vancity Buzz: “We are excited to introduce our new Ice Fried Yogurt and Ice Fried Yogurt Ice Cream, which are freshly made in front of our customers.”

Patrons who pop by can also expect to find coffee, tea, milk tea and pastries in the Smithe Street locale. In addition to the food and drink offerings, ON YOGURT will sell their own merchandise, like bags, totes, home decorations, and other daily-use items.

For further developments check ON YOGURT’s social media pages.


Address: 95 Smithe Street
Website: www.onyogurt.com
Twitter: @ON_YOGURT

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