A "Netflix and Chill" film festival is coming to Vancouver

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A film festival is coming to Vancouver that promises to bring “Netflix and Chill” to new heights.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “Netflix and Chill” is a euphemism for hooking up, implying a wholesome evening on the surface, but with strong sexual undertones.

Now there’s an entire film festival named in its honour.

Make no mistake, though: the Netflix and Chill Movie Festival has nothing to do with hookup culture and everything to do with watching great movies among a large group of people. Movies will be selected by the public on the festival’s various social media websites, and all the money from ticket sales will go to charity.

There will also be a number of vendors selling popcorn, pillows, blankets, alcoholic beverages, yoga, DJ tents and all the other things that make a lovely evening for lovebirds, singles, or whomever.

The festival will take place in Stanley Park on December 19, so grab a “friend” and a blanket, and cozy up for a fun evening of Netflix and Chill (Movie Festival).

Netflix and Chill Movie Festival 2015

  • Where: Stanley Park, Vancouver
  • When: Saturday, December 19; Doors open 11 a.m. and festival goes until 1 a.m.
  • Cost: $30-$60

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