Breathtaking video shows daring helicopter rescue on Grouse Mountain


North Shore Rescue captured a daring helicopter rescue on a GoPro camera to help educate the general public on the work that goes into saving lost hikers.

The team, which is staffed entirely by volunteers; has been stretched to the limit after a record-breaking year that has seen them respond to more than 120 call-outs – including a further three rescues on Sunday alone. As a result North Shore Rescue is trying to raise awareness about their work in an attempt to help ease the burden that is being placed on their volunteers.

The video that was posted on September 27 was of a Korean tourist who had wandered off trail on Grouse Mountain, according to North Shore Rescue’s Mike Danks.

“It’s not a training exercise and that is a common area that we’re having to rescue people from on Grouse Mountain,” Danks told Vancity Buzz.

Rescues like this one are becoming more commonplace now, and that concerns Danks.

“People are getting into steeper, more technical terrain. Because they’re in such heinous terrain, it takes a long time to find them.”

To mitigate the risk to North Shore Rescue personnel, aircraft are used in such treacherous conditions.

Watch the video of the rescue below, and remember: stick to trails while hiking:

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