Intense video shows cougar getting swarmed by cops in Victoria


A video showing what appears to be a police standoff outside of an apartment complex in Victoria isn’t quite what you might think at first glance.

Police have their guns drawn and are cautiously waiting for the perpetrator to make a move. Finally they are able to get close enough to the suspect, who is invisible to the camera until this point, and manage to fire a shot.

All of a sudden, the perpetrator – a cougar – leaps up and takes off in a rather dramatic fashion.

Thankfully, Victoria police caught up to it and returned the tranquillized animal safely into the woods. It was not harmed at all and no bullets were fired.

To see the dramatic takedown, watch the video below. Watch the whole thing to really build up the drama, or fast forward to 2:30 to see the action.

Warning: Video contains foul language.

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