What's with Conservative candidate Alice Wong's website?

Image: Twitter/@AliceWongCanada

Is Conservative Candidate Alice Wong stuck in a strange time warp or did her web developer fail her? Maybe she’s just a big fan of Microsoft Word.

Maybe she loves minimalism and thought the colours of the Conservative party – or any design elements at all – would detract from the message of how to get a lawn sign or donate.

Whatever the reason, feast your eyes on the strange simplicity of Alice Wong’s barebones landing web page via a screenshot:

Yes, that’s her ENTIRE WEBSITE. The whole thing. Concise, simple, to the point, possibly (quite likely) incomplete.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself: 2015.alicewong.ca

For reference, here are screenshots of the websites of Liberal candidate Lawrence Woo and NDP candidate Jack Trovato who are both running in Wong’s riding of Richmond Centre:

What the heck is going on, Alice? We’re all curious about your website. We haven’t seen something this primitive since the Space Jam website that hasn’t been updated since 1996. And to be honest, the design elements there look state-of-the-art compared to Alice’s website.

UPDATE: Alice Wong endorsed this article on her website. Well played, Alice. Well played.

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