Compass Cards now for sale in more places around Vancouver

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TransLink announced Tuesday that transit users are now able to purchase Compass Cards at multiple locations around Metro Vancouver, and that by November 1 the cards will be for sale at all FareDealer vendors.

Compass Cards are now being sold in the following places:

  • Online at
  • By phone at 604-3982042
  • At Compass Customer Service Centre at Stadium-Chinatown Station
  • At Compass Vending Machines (CVMs) at most SkyTrain stations and at all West Coast Express stations
  • At CVMs located at 18 London Drugs stores
Image: Vancity Buzz

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TransLink users may now purchase a Compass Card and load their monthly pass to it. As of November 1, vendors in the FareDealer network will be able to sell Compass Cards.

Customers can load any type of fare onto their Compass Card at any time, including DayPasses and Stored Value (money) instead of buying traditional fare media. The Compass Card website’s Help section has several helpful answers to FAQs for riders who aren’t sure how to get a hold of a card or how to load fares on one.

Currently there are about 250,000 active Compass Card users in Metro Vancouver, though TransLink expects that number to jump with the wider availability of the cards. Paper Monthly Passes will still be available for the time being, for those not quite ready to make the transition to the Card.

TransLink also released a video today to help customers become familiar with purchasing Compass Cards:

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