WTF: Beavers skydive over Idaho in weird archived video


There’s a video of beavers parachuting in Idaho in the 1950s, and it is now available on YouTube.

That’s a sentence that has probably never been written until today.

A historian from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has uncovered a video of a strange wildlife relocation project, where authorities loaded up beavers into boxes and dropped them from planes over the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area – an aptly named region for such a practice.

Canadians know a lot about beaver over-population, and we’re sure a few lake-front cottage owners wouldn’t bat a beaver tale at air-shipping their pesky friends off to another region. But this program no longer exists, for obvious reasons – you know, like, animal cruelty.

No-one knows how much it cost to relocate beavers individually by air. But you’ve got to hand it to post-war America; it was a country full of ingenuity and innovation, flying beavers included.

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