850,000 people voted in first day of advance polls across Canada

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Elections Canada estimates approximately 850,000 people across the country voted in the first day of advance polls on Friday.

Long lines at polling stations in Vancouver were reported on that day, and this repeated on Saturday.

According to the independent agency, this marks a 26 per cent increase from the first day of advance polls during the spring 2011 federal election and a 90 per cent increase compared to the first day of advance polls in the fall 2008 election. Advance poll periods for both previous elections also began on a Friday.

More than 2.1 million Canadians voted in 2011’s three-day advance poll period, which coincided with Easter Weekend. However, advance polls were not open on that Monday holiday – Easter Monday.

Image: Canadian Election / Shutterstock

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Eager voters are encouraged to be patient and arrive during the slower periods of advanced voting, typically right after doors open and in the evening.

Advanced polling stations will remain open today and on Thanksgiving Monday from noon to 8 p.m. For more information on where to vote in your electoral district, find out at Elections Canada’s Voter Information Service.

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