Twitter users demand BC Hydro pay for spoiled food - for real


Twitter can be a wonderful platform for the opinionated to stand on their soapbox and shout into the abyss of the internet all the things that make them emote. Sometimes the result is funny, other times it’s heartening, but all too often it leaves us scratching our heads.

This one is a head scratcher.

After the weekend’s brutal wind storm that knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of people, Twitter lit up with users demanding BC Hydro pay for their spoiled food. Yes, that actually happened.

To be fair, food only lasts for about 24 hours in an unopened fridge before it spoils and some homes in Metro Vancouver are still without power. Around 6,100 BC Hydro customers are in the dark four days after the initial outage.

More reasonable folks seemed sympathetic to the plight of BC Hydro as their Twitter page was flooded with tweets of thanks.

And no matter your opinion on the reimbursement of spoiled food, at the end of the day, at least you’re not the owner of this car (unless you are, in which case, you have our sympathies).

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