Guess the asking price of these homes for sale in Vancouver (QUIZ)

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There’s nothing quite like that nauseating feeling you get when you see hideous house for sale at an astronomical price. Or that pit in your stomach when you see a beautiful house you’d give an arm and a leg to live in, but even selling body parts wouldn’t cover the down payment.

Welcome to the world of Vancouver real estate, where the rich get richer and the middle class disappears to the Island (or thumbprint sized apartments).

To say the least, prices here are unbelievable, so much so that they make the average price of a detached home at $1,159,600 seem reasonable. In fact, how many of us have seen a house for $1 million and thought to ourselves: “Wow, it’s only $1 million!”

Vancouver real estate August benchmark price

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But no matter how many times we tell you how expensive Vancouver real estate is, we bet you can’t guess just how much owners are asking for these 10 properties.

Take quiz and let us know how you did.

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