The 5 best ways to save your wedding budget


Your wedding is undeniably going to cost a pretty penny but there are few sneaky tricks that we like to recommend to brides and grooms looking to save as much as possible.

Here are the five best ways to make the most of your wedding budget:

1. Create and prioritize your budget

They say ignorance is bliss, but it’s not going to be so blissful when you’re surprised how empty your bank account is post nuptials. Start mapping out your budget right at the beginning stage of planning before you pay any deposits. You can then categorize your must-haves from your nice-to-haves so you know where to focus your spending.


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2. Consider a Friday or less popular time of the year

Venues are typically less expensive on a Friday than they are a Saturday; you can often save at least a couple grand. This does require a little extra planning for your guests that may need to leave work a few hours early but if you give them notice, they’ll figure it out. If your wedding vision isn’t season dependent and you plan to tie the knot indoors anyway, an off-season month like November is a great way reap venue and vendor discounts and it will give your friends and family something to look forward to in a typically quieter month.

3. Omit details that aren’t important to you

Many brides and grooms include unnecessary details simply because everyone includes them. Skip wedding traditions that don’t resonate with you to save on costs. Traditions such as favours, ceremony programs and wedding cake can add up and are not going to make an overall impact on you or your guest’s enjoyment of the wedding.

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4. Don’t be afraid to do things a little differently

Don’t hesitate to step outside the norm to save on costs. Who says a wedding needs to be a sit down dinner anyway? A cocktail style wedding reception with passed canapes is a good option for brides and grooms that love a good party atmosphere where as a brunch is more suited to those that prefer a chill afternoon affair. Just ensure that you let your wedding guests know what the format is in the invite so they know what to expect.

5. Set-up a honeymoon fund

There’s always going to be those guests that prefer not to give you cash as a wedding gift because it isn’t some that’s tangible. As encouragement, let your guests know that in lieu of boxed gifts you’d appreciate a contribution to your “honeymoon fund.” This will free up some of your wedding budget to spend on other must-have items.

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