Baby bears take a swim in a West Vancouver swimming pool (VIDEO)

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It is an adorable day when you catch a family of bears playing in your backyard, but it’s even more captivating when one of them slips into your swimming pool for a dip.

One West Vancouver home-owner had the camera ready when two bear cubs and their mom stopped by to take advantage of their welcoming backyard.

The video shows the small family munching on their grass while one bear strays off and begins to sniff around the shallow end of their swimming pool. He then slides in and begins swimming into the deep water for a brief time before emerging again to join his family.

The little bear then runs up to his sibling and the two begin to wrestle. The mom, sporting a yellow tag in her ear, continues grazing before she wanders off toward the pool.

After a few minutes, the cub gets back into the pool and begins to splash his sibling who seems too timid to jump in.

The five-minute long video is all sorts of cute, including the sweet commentary of a young child in the background, remarking that the momma bear has “something yellow in her hair”.

Take a view of the video for a major dose of happiness.

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