City receives 176 licensing applications from Vancouver marijuana dispensaries

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The City of Vancouver is asking marijuana dispensaries to jump, and the dispensaries are asking “how high?”

After putting zoning and licensing regulations in place earlier this summer, the City of Vancouver was inundated with 176 applications for businesses looking to sell or allow the use of medical marijuana on their premises, according to a media release. Out of the 176 applications, 69 of them could potentially operate as enthusiast-based “compassion clubs,” while the others have applied as retail businesses.

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August 21 marked the deadline for the first round of applications, though subsequent rounds will be announced going forward. Businesses that don’t meet the Stage One regulations will have to close in the next six months, reopen at a new location and reapply.

Applicants that do meet the standards will proceed to Stages Two and Three, consisting of inspections, and development permits and business licensing.

The regulations – according to a City of Vancouver release – are as follows:

Medical marijuana-related businesses are only allowed to operate:

  • In certain commercial zones
  • At least 300 metres from:
    • Schools
    • Community centers
    • Neighbourhood houses
    • Youth facilities that serve vulnerable youth
    • Other marijuana-related businesses
  • With a business licence (the licence fee is $1,000 for compassion clubs or $30,000 for medical marijuana-related retail dealers)
  • With a development permit that includes a standard community notification process
  • With a signed good neighbour agreement

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