Uber Puppies are all adopted after successful tour around Vancouver

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Last week, Uber Vancouver partnered up with CAARE Rescue to bring puppies to people all over the city for 15-minute playdates, and now the numbers are in and the program proved to be a heartwarming success.

Fifteen adorable – and adoptable – puppies traveled around Vancouver with tails wagging on Thursday, August 6 with the hopes of raising money for the Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Effort, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare, advocacy, education and rescue.


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Each of the puppies were up for adoption and had been rescued mostly from high-kill shelters up north. After an exhausting day for the little ones, Uber is happy to report all 15 puppies have been adopted. In total, they received 65 adoption applications, including for young and old dogs not part of day’s events, and $1,600 for CAARE.

The company, which allowed people to “order” the puppies for $30 during several hours on Thursday, was overwhelmed with over 18,000 requests for puppy playdates.

CAARE also received 12 volunteer applications and 23 inquiries about the organization.

If that didn’t warm your hearts, here are some snapshots of these sweet little babies:


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Puppy break! Puppies in the office thanks to uber #uberpuppies #puppies #cute

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Today we had an #UberPUPPIES playdate. @uber

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#uberpuppies are all tuckered out from a busy day. #CAARE Thanks for letting us play with them!

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Special office visitors today from @uber_van! Meet Roxy! #UberPuppies ????

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#uberpuppies in office today for a while #nbd

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